Death & Life

Dying is the only way of living, and to
     Live one has only to accept it.
Ever our existence in the pit between the two
     Is confined. Life is the spit
Alive we bear, Death the tissue
     Fools to their faces clean use. Greet
The gods we, if they are here? In the cruel
     Events that pass is there anything other than ourselves? It
Has to, or does it not? The fool fell off the stool.
Darkness is but the absence of Light,
     Light but the absence of the Dark.
Entered once in the oblivion’s flight
     Inside the essence of our spark,
As it the black inside us fights,
     Forlorn both in space and time and from their own selves apart,
The contrast is only abstract, there is no joy nor plight.
     Ere the fire whole burns out, ere the rotten path shall part,
Here’s where I’ll stay, the eternal nothing, the night no ember can ignite.
11.04.2017 (Paris)

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